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THE Yaron Herman

[Yaron Herman] has just started a short North American tour, so we've decided to tag along for the ride. We have a whole bunch of exclusive content coming up in the next few days, including photos and videoblogs, so stay tune!

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There is No Box

Written by [Anthony Dean-Harris]

[Jason Parker], [@1WorkinMusician], recently [received a grant] to reinterpret Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left album. Based on how brilliant his quartet's cover of [Three Hours] is off his latest album, No More, No Less, this project will likely go well and I'm rather excited to hear it. [Drake's compositions seem to lend themselves to jazz covers]. This is not entirely unheard of. Brad Mehldau has been covering Drake for many years now. Classical pianist Christopher O'Riley has also released [an album of Nick Drake covers]. This sort of this most certainly isn't new. But for Parker to undertake the daunting task of covering an entire album, track by track (including the songs that probably won't work in a jazz sense like "Thoughts of Mary Jane" or "'Cello Song," but maybe I just don't have a vivid enough imagination), and forever brand himself as the one who felt he could repaint a masterwork oil painting in watercolors is certainly a lofty job. It's also the kind of thing for which jazz is made.

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