Erik Truffaz – “Five On The Floor” (Stream)

I have always been surprised by trumpeter Erik Truffaz. For years, the Franco-Swiss trumpeter has sounded like some specific pocket of the future, continually dazzling listeners around the world, never fearing touches of the electronic and its spectacle but never going over the top. He has a sense of the organic that is always a delight. The same could be said for his upcoming new album, Lune Rouge, out this October on Warner Music. The new album with his quartet of bassist Marcello Guiliani, keyboardist Benoit Corboz, and drummer Arthur Hnatek (a relative newcomer to the group but he’s been with them for a few years, he was great addition when I saw him play with them in Montreal three years ago), will also feature vocalists Jose James and Andrina Bollinger. It really seems like something to look forward to. For example, check out the very cool first single, “Five On The Floor” while we all wait for Lune Rouge to drop October 11th.