Nextbop was founded in 2009 by Sébastien Hélary with the objective of introducing modern jazz music to a younger generation of fans. Editor-in-Chief Anthony Dean-Harris joined the project shortly after bringing with him his experience at Morehouse College’s newspaper The Maroon Tiger.

Since its launch, Nextbop has been visited by more than 447,000 unique visitors and has been featured in such media outlets as NPR, The LA Times and The Ottawa Citizen. It counts presently over 6,800 Facebook Fans and over 9,700 Twitter Followers.

Mission Statement

The philosophy of Nextbop is to highlight and celebrate jazz as a contemporary art form, noting its present moment in time as it relates to the vast possibilities within the genre over the past 100 years. The philosophy of Nextbop isn’t just about promoting jazz to jazz lovers. It’s not even mainly focused on such a vision. Nextbop is about appealing to everyone. It’s about promoting jazz to the world. It’s about showing the indie rock crowd, the punk rock crowd, the hip hop crowd, the R&B crowd, the bluegrass crowd, and so many other scenes that this kind of music is great and it’s not so far off from what you’re used to hearing. We shan’t limit ourselves to just one ideology for the sake of appeasing one crowd when the whole world can appreciate this music for its complexities.