The 10 Best Everybody Loves the Sunshine Covers

Closeup of the Everybody Loves the Sunshine album cover by Roy Ayers

Welcome to our exploration of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” the timeless soul-jazz gem by Roy Ayers Ubiquity. Since its 1976 release, this vibrant, feel-good anthem has inspired countless artists, each reinterpreting its warmth and optimism with their unique musical language.

We’ll delve into these sonic reinventions, starting with D’Angelo‘s sultry neo-soul take and venturing into Jamie Cullum‘s dynamic, jazzy live performances. The journey continues with the acid jazz grooves of Incognito and the fresh perspectives offered by modern jazz innovators like Takuya Kuroda and Kiefer, who intertwine the classic with modern electronics.

Each cover we uncover stands as a testament to the song’s enduring brilliance, a beacon that musicians across genres and eras cannot resist revisiting. “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” continues to radiate joy and positivity, refracted through a kaleidoscope of musical styles.

Get ready to discover why this classic remains such a compelling source of inspiration!

Table of Contents

Roy Ayers Ubiquity’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Everybody Loves the Sunshine (1976)

D’Angelo‘s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals (2000)

Jamie Cullum “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (Live in Ibiza), Catching Tales (2005)

Incognito “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Bees+Things+Flowers (2006)

Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Bilal & Stefon Harris‘ “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Live Concert at Jazz à la Villette Festival (2010)

Seu Jorge and Almaz‘s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Seu Jorge and Almaz (2010)

DJ Cam Quartet‘s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. Inlove), Diggin (2013)

Takuya Kuroda‘s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. José James), Rising Son (2014)

Gabriele Poso‘s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Awakening (2018)

Kiefer‘s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. Theo Croker), Between Days (2021)

Netsky‘s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. Daddy Waku & Chantal Kashala), Second Nature (2021)

Roy Ayers Ubiquity’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Everybody Loves the Sunshine (1976)

In 1976, Roy Ayers Ubiquity gifted the world with “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” a sonic embodiment of pure summertime joy. This masterpiece, the crown jewel of his album of the same name, delivers a potent dose of warmth and optimism that has resonated with listeners for generations.

The beauty of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” lies in its disarming simplicity. Ayers’ honey-toned vocals weave effortlessly through the track’s mellow groove, while the hypnotic repetition of “My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine” conjures visions of cloudless skies and carefree spirits.

Ayers’ mastery as a vibraphonist and composer is on full display. Soulful jazz intertwines with infectious funk rhythms, while the forward-thinking blend of vibraphone and synthesizer lends the track its signature texture. This innovative spirit cemented its status as a touchstone for countless musicians to come.

Beyond its musical merits, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” evokes a universal feeling – a sense of pure, unadulterated contentment. Its timeless appeal is undeniable, as evidenced by the countless covers and samples it’s inspired. As we embark on a journey through these reinterpretations, let’s pay homage to the radiant, enduring brilliance of Roy Ayers Ubiquity’s original creation.

D’Angelo’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals (2000)

D’Angelo‘s 2000 reworking of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” on his Voodoo Outtakes & Rehearsals compilation wasn’t just a cover – it was a revelation. Steeped in the smoky, sweat-slicked neo-soul of his era, D’Angelo’s rendition pays homage to Roy Ayers‘ ubiquitous jazz-funk classic while forging a singular path through its well-trodden groove.

Where Ayers’ original bursts with unbridled summertime joy, D’Angelo dials down the vibraphone shimmer and amps up the introspection. His voice hangs in the air like a question mark, smooth yet aching with existential longing. The sparse arrangement builds from a heartbeat bassline and minimalist keys, allowing D’Angelo’s vocal nuances to shine.

This isn’t mere imitation; it’s a masterclass in reinterpretation. D’Angelo deconstructs the familiar, finding the vulnerability within the sunshine. His version breathes contemporary life into Ayers’ classic, proving that soul music is forever evolving, forever in conversation with itself. D’Angelo’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” reminds us that even the most joyous anthems can carry a bittersweet undertow, and that true artistry lies in embracing that complexity.

Jamie Cullum “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (Live in Ibiza), Catching Tales (2005)

Jamie Cullum‘s electrifying live take on “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” nestled within his 2005 album Catching Tales, isn’t just a cover; it’s a full-bodied reimagining. The Ibiza recording crackles with the energy of its locale, Cullum channeling the sun-drenched spirit of the island while retaining the soulful core of Roy Ayer’s timeless original.

Known for his jazz-pop alchemy, Cullum’s piano is a whirlwind, his vocals a sly, playful counterpoint. His improvisations soar, adding a fresh, contemporary edge to the familiar melody. The live setting transforms the song; Cullum’s undeniable showmanship electrifies the familiar, whipping the crowd into a frenzy as he infuses the classic with newfound dynamism.

This isn’t mere imitation; Cullum weaves improvisation with calculated pop sensibility. It’s jazz with a mischievous grin, respecting the source material while claiming the song as utterly his own. There’s an undeniable joy here, a sense that both performer and audience are reveling in the sheer thrill of music’s transformative power.

Cullum’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” explodes the boundaries of genre. It’s a testament to his ability to bridge the gap between timeless standards and his distinct, modern voice. More than a tribute, it’s a vivacious celebration of both Ayers’ enduring hit and Cullum’s own irresistible musicality.

Incognito “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Bees+Things+Flowers (2006)

British acid jazz pioneers Incognito deliver a sun-drenched reimagining of Roy Ayers‘ eternal classic, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” on their 2006 album Bees + Things + Flowers. Incognito’s signature blend of smoldering funk and sophisticated soul breathes vibrant new life into the track, preserving the feel-good essence of the original while injecting their own infectious energy.

From the opening bars, Incognito’s trademark sound takes center stage. A pulsating bassline weaves effortlessly with crisp percussion, setting the perfect stage for a sizzling brass section. Their artful arrangement recasts the song into a joyous celebration, the kind of groove that demands hip-swaying and sunny smiles.

The strength of their cover lies in its masterful balance. Incognito simultaneously honors the breezy, laid-back charm of Ayers’ composition and amplifies it with a propulsive sense of urgency. Each musician shines, testament to the band’s enduring skill and vibrant chemistry. They transform “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” without sacrificing its fundamental spirit – a remarkable feat.

Incognito’s rendition stands as a testament to both the timeless magic of the original and the transformative power of brilliant cover work. This version offers a fresh perspective on a beloved classic, ensuring “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” earns its place amongst a new generation of jazz-funk enthusiasts, while thrilling devoted fans of Ayers’ iconic work.

Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Bilal & Stefon Harris’ “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Live Concert at Jazz à la Villette Festival (2010)

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The stage lights dimmed at the 2010 Jazz à la Villette Festival, and a wave of anticipation washed over the crowd as the Robert Glasper Experiment took their positions. With Bilal‘s evocative vocals and Stefon Harris on the shimmering vibraphone, their rendition of “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” became more than just a jazz standard. This wasn’t a cover; it was a transformative odyssey.

Glasper’s restless fingers redefined the familiar piano melody, weaving intricate counterpoints that ebbed and flowed against Bilal’s soulful phrasing. Harris’ vibraphone danced like liquid sunlight, each note a shimmering jewel against the rhythm section’s steady pulse. They took Roy Ayers’ classic and shattered expectations, revealing depths of soul and R&B that felt both timeless and utterly fresh.

The audience didn’t just hear this performance; they were swept away by it. The live improvisation ignited a visceral energy, a shared emotional journey. This wasn’t nostalgia; it was a testament to the enduring power of a great song in the hands of visionary artists. The Robert Glasper Experiment, with their stellar guests, proved that “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” still holds potent magic, able to transcend genres and connect generations through the pure joy of music.

Seu Jorge and Almaz’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Seu Jorge and Almaz (2010)

Seu Jorge and Almaz‘s 2010 take on “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” on their self-titled album, is a masterclass in cross-cultural reimagination. Their version simmers with a sun-drenched blend of Brazilian samba and hazy psychedelia, a testament to the original’s enduring power and the band’s singular artistry.

Jorge, his voice a rumble of warm velvet, imbues the track with a distinctly Brazilian saudade. It’s a bittersweet longing that transforms Ayers’ joyful optimism into something more introspective. Almaz’s instrumentation swirls around him, a heady elixir of shimmering guitars and propulsive percussion that elevates the song’s psychedelic undercurrents. The result is a sonic tapestry both steeped in tradition and daringly contemporary.

The cover shimmers with a languid groove painted in lush, soulful hues. Gone is some of the original’s funk-driven urgency, replaced by an otherworldly beauty born from the band’s unique chemistry. Jorge and Almaz prove that “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” contains multitudes, its message malleable enough to carry weight even when filtered through a distinctly melancholic lens.

More than a straightforward cover, this version breathes as its own entity – a homage to Roy Ayers filtered through a unique Brazilian-psychedelic prism. It showcases the boundless potential of great music; a song so potent it can transcend styles and borders, reborn again and again through the vision of inspired musicians.

DJ Cam Quartet’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. Inlove), Diggin (2013)

DJ Cam Quartet‘s take on “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” isn’t just a cover; it’s a masterful sonic metamorphosis. On their 2013 album Diggin’, they weave Roy Ayers‘ timeless jazz-funk classic into a tapestry of downtempo electronica and trip-hop soul. Inlove’s vocals simmer with a sultry warmth, a perfect counterpoint to the Quartet’s lush, atmospheric soundscapes.

The brilliance lies in how the original’s sunny melody is preserved, yet subtly refracted through a modern, meditative lens. Pulsating beats ground the track, while the Quartet layers shimmering textures and understated jazz flourishes. The result is a hypnotic, almost dreamlike journey– a testament to their ability to honor a classic while imbuing it with their signature depth.

What elevates this beyond mere reinterpretation is the balance between the feel-good essence of the original and a delicious dose of nocturnal introspection. DJ Cam Quartet proves that remixing isn’t about destruction, but intelligent expansion.

Their “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” stands as a beacon for the timeless power of a great song. It’s a reminder that true classics transcend genre, inviting generations to find new meaning. This version carves its own place in the track’s lineage, proving that nostalgia and innovation can coexist beautifully.

Takuya Kuroda’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. José James), Rising Son (2014)

Takuya Kuroda‘s 2014 album, Rising Son, reveals a breathtaking reimagining of Roy Ayers‘ eternal classic, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.” Featuring José James‘ honeyed vocals, this rendition emerges as a potent elixir of jazz and soul, honoring the original while injecting it with a distinctly modern pulse.

Kuroda, a virtuoso trumpeter, paints the track with vibrant sonic hues. His horn arrangements intertwine with the rhythm section in a conversation that’s both intricate and irresistibly grooving. José James’ voice, smooth as aged whiskey, finds its natural home within this jazz tapestry, adding layers of soulful warmth.

This collaboration isn’t simply a homage; it’s a rebirth. Kuroda and James infuse Ayers’ timeless optimism with contemporary urgency, imbuing the track with a rhythmic edge that reflects their unique artistic voices.

More than just a cover, Takuya Kuroda’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” featuring José James is a bold testament to the ongoing evolution of jazz and soul. It highlights the enduring appeal of Ayers’ masterpiece, demonstrating how seamlessly it can be woven into the vibrant musical fabric of the present.

Gabriele Poso’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, Awakening (2018)

Gabriele Poso‘s 2018 makeover of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” on his album Awakening reimagines the Roy Ayers classic as a vibrant tapestry of global rhythms and jazz-kissed soul. Poso, a polymath musician celebrated for his multi-instrumental prowess, injects the track with an infectious, percussive pulse – a testament to his passion for world music. This dynamic rework channels the heart of Ayers’ original while daring to tread fresh ground.

From the first burst of congas, Poso’s adoration for rhythmic complexity is undeniable. Layers of percussion build a vibrant sonic foundation, breathing new life and urgency into the track. This Afro-Latin undercurrent propels the song forward, adding dimensions of warmth and celebration to its timeless message.

True to his eclectic spirit, Poso paints with a broader palette of sounds. Traditional jazz sensibilities flirt with worldly influences, shattering stylistic expectations. This seamless fusion is where his “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” transcends mere homage and enters the realm of reinvention. It’s both a respectful nod to Ayers and a thrilling showcase of his own artistic ingenuity.

Gabriele Poso’s take on “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” is a reminder of music’s boundless nature. His rendition honors the source material yet boldly expands its universe, weaving a sonic testament to the joyful power of musical cross-pollination. It’s a testament to both Poso’s adventurous spirit and the enduring potential of a true classic.

Kiefer’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. Theo Croker), Between Days (2021)

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Kiefer‘s daring reimagining of Roy Ayers‘ eternal classic, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, pulsates with newfound depth and intoxicating textures. On his 2021 album Between Days, Kiefer, a visionary of jazz-electronica fusion, collaborates with trumpet virtuoso Theo Croker to unveil a soundscape that honors the original’s warmth while seamlessly weaving in cutting-edge sonic elements.

Kiefer’s intricate keyboard work lays a foundation of laid-back sophistication – a tapestry of introspective melodies and shimmering electronic accents. Croker’s trumpet breathes a soulful counterpoint into this mix, its melancholy notes swirling and dancing in perfect harmony with the ambient backdrop. Their synergy is intoxicating, a testament to the power of respectful reinvention.

This isn’t your standard-fare cover. Kiefer and Croker delve beneath the sunny surface of the original, unearthing a bittersweet complexity. It’s as if they’ve reinterpreted the sunshine, not as blinding brilliance, but as the long, golden rays of a fading sunset, tinged with both beauty and a touch of wistfulness.

Kiefer’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” is a bold declaration that iconic songs can evolve and still shine bright. It’s a captivating listen for seasoned jazz aficionados and newcomers alike – a testament to the enduring elasticity of great music and the boundless creativity of today’s musical masterminds.

Netsky’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (ft. Daddy Waku & Chantal Kashala), Second Nature (2021)

In 2021, Netsky, a prominent figure in the drum and bass genre, introduced a vibrant and energetic version of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” on his album Second Nature. Featuring Daddy Waku and Chantal Kashala, this rendition reimagines Roy Ayers’ soulful classic in the realm of electronic dance music.

Netsky’s interpretation infuses the song with a lively, upbeat tempo characteristic of his style, significantly diverging from the laid-back vibe of the original. The inclusion of Daddy Waku and Chantal Kashala adds a new dimension to the track, with their vocal contributions bringing a fresh and lively energy. The fusion of electronic beats with soulful vocals creates a unique and compelling listening experience.

This version stands out for its ability to transform a classic soul song into a modern dance anthem. Netsky’s skillful blending of electronic rhythms with the essence of the original track demonstrates the universal appeal and adaptability of Ayers’ composition. It’s a bold, high-energy reinterpretation that captures the joy and brightness of the original while steering it into new, exciting territory.

Netsky’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” featuring Daddy Waku and Chantal Kashala showcases how classic songs can be reinvented for contemporary audiences, bridging genres and eras. It’s a testament to the enduring nature of Ayers’ music, proving that it can not only resonate with fans of its original genre but also inspire and energize listeners in entirely new musical landscapes.


As we wrap up our journey through the vibrant world of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” covers, the enduring power of Roy Ayers‘ timeless classic shines through.

Each artist has infused the song with their distinctive flavor, proving its remarkable versatility. From D’Angelo‘s soulful warmth to Jamie Cullum‘s jazzy energy, Incognito‘s infectious funk, and the pulsating electronic twists of contemporary artists, these covers reveal the song’s ability to transcend genres effortlessly.

This exploration highlights the boundless nature of music, how it continually evolves across generations. Each rendition is a tribute to Ayers’ brilliance, offering a fresh perspective on his masterpiece. These diverse interpretations remind us that music has the power to unite, uplift, and inspire—a radiant force much like the sunshine itself.

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“Everybody Loves the Sunshine” Lyrics

My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine
Sunshine, everybody loves the sunshine
Sunshine, folks get down in the sunshine
Sunshine, folks get ’round in the sunshine

Just bees and things and flowers

My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine
Sunshine, everybody loves the sunshine
Sunshine, folks get down in the sunshine
Sunshine, folks get ’round in the sunshine

Feel, what I feel, when I feel, what I feel
When I’m feelin’, in the sunshine
Feel, what I feel, when I feel, what I feel
When I’m feelin’, in the sunshine

Do what I do, when I do, what I do
When I’m doin’, in the sunshine
Do what I do, when I do, what I do
When I’m doin’, in the sunshine

Sunshine, everybody loves the sunshine

“Everybody Loves the Sunshine” FAQ

Who sings Everybody Loves the Sunshine?

“Everybody Loves the Sunshine” was first sang by Roy Ayers on his 1976 album of the same name.

What films include the song Everybody Loves the Sunshine?

Roy Ayers’ version of “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” can be heard in 2015’s Straight Outta Compton movie as well as in 2017’s The Babysitter.

What songs sampled Everybody Loves the Sunshine?

Famous songs sampling “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” include: Common’s “Book of Life” (1994), Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” (1994), Masta Ace Incorporated’s “Turn It Up” (1995), Naughty By Nature’s “Sunshine” (1995), 2Pac feat. Outlawz’ “Lost Souls” (1997), Mos Def’s “Life is Real” (2004), Dr. Dre’s “My Life” (2005), Tony Yayo’s “Fake Love” (2005), J. Cole’s “Rags To Riches (At The Beep)” (2007), Smoke DZA’s “My Life” (2010), Anti-Lilly & Phoniks feat. Mariel’s “Sunshine” (2017), and Joey Bada$$’ “Shine” (2020).

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