Stream Jesse Fischer’s “Inflection Point” Featuring Marcus Strickland and Nate Smith Off His New ‘Cross Currents’ EP (Premiere)

We’ve been following Brooklyn-based keyboardist and producer Jesse Fischer’s career for quite some time now. His last recording, 2018’s Flipped II, was even dubbed “easily one of the best albums of the year” by our very own Daniel Palmer. Fischer has a knack for delivering ever so satisfying masterstrokes, skilfully textured and intricately layered, merging jazz grooves with a bit of everything dope and fresh he can wrap his mind around. His newest offering, the simply brilliant Cross Currents EP is no different and reaffirms Fischer’s tenure as one of the coolest dudes to serve up jazz-based neoteric soundscapes.

Reassembled for the outing are the pianist’s usual acolytes, namely guitarist Jordan Peters, bassist David Cutler, vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles, trumpeter Billy Buss, and percussionist Mino Cinélu, with the notable addition of two illustrious veterans: reedist Marcus Strickland and drummer Nate Smith. “Both Nate and Marcus I’ve known for years but never actually had a chance to get in the studio with,” explains Fischer. “They both had recently released really creative and forward-thinking albums of their own and I wanted to see what they would bring to my music.” Let’s just say the outcome does not disappoint…

Cross Currents features four new original compositions propelling the listener on a cinematic odyssey through distant lands and trippy reverie, bathed in modern jazz fusion, breakbeat, and ambient, with glimpses of grunge and even dub, resulting in an invigorating reprieve from the harrowing daily grind of modern existence.

We are deeply honored to premiere today “Inflection Point”, the momentous first single off Jesse Fischer’s Cross Currents EP, featuring Marcus Strickland and Nate Smith. In Fischer’s own words: “Here I was experimenting with superimposing tension and release, rather than having them consecutive. The song never really resolves, which reflects the current global sense of unease and disillusionment.”

Cross Currents, the new EP by keyboardist and producer Jesse Fischer drops digitally July 19 via Soul Cycle Music. You can pre-order it now from your favorite online retailer.

Photo by Lauren Desberg.