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Mark Guiliana, a name synonymous with rhythmic innovation and genre-bending collaborations, has always been a musical iconoclast. From his early days absorbing the raw energy of grunge to his ascent as a world-class drummer and composer at the forefront of contemporary jazz (and beyond), Guiliana’s career has been one of constant evolution and self-discovery.

His latest album, MARK, is a reflection of this reality – an intimate and introspective expression of his musical identity. Performing solo on a vast array of instruments, Guiliana crafts a captivating record that interweaves his signature grooves with experimental percussion, ethereal synth textures, and spoken word.

A departure from his more recent projects as a leader, Guiliana harkens back to the raw energy and unrestrained creativity of previous endeavors like BEAT MUSIC! BEAT MUSIC! BEAT MUSIC!, showcasing his fearless love of electronic influences.

Forget any preconceived notions of what a solo drummer sounds like – this isn’t it. MARK is a cohesive and riveting outing, interwoven with an astonishing array of instruments and samples. A masterstroke in production, it transcends the confines of a traditional solo drum album and amounts to a raw and unfiltered exploration of self, music, and the universal quest for meaning.

In its essence, MARK is a testament to the boundless potential of electroacoustic music and evokes the spirit of visionary electronic artists like Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, some of Guiliana’s primary influences.

Mark Guiliana’s MARK defies categorization and is a testament to Guiliana’s relentless pursuit of artistic expression and his unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries from jazz to electronic music and beyond.

Listen to the album now and let us know what you think in the comments!

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