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Music Monday: December 28th 2009

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Sorry for the sporadic posting, but we're now back on schedule!

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I was listening to Duke Ellington's version of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite yesterday and I just had to put it up on Nextbop. It's the BEST CHRISTMAS MUSIC EVA. So play it really loud in your house! Share the link with all your friends! Put it on at your Christmas party! Dance to it in front of the fireplace! Make love to your beautiful wife or girlfriend... humm, might have gone too far there... Anyways, I think the world would truly be a better place if everyone listened to Duke Ellington on Christmas. Merry Christmas y'all and Happy Holidays from!

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Jamire's Words of Wisdom (VI)

"Why he gotta be dreaming of a "white" Christmas??"

Jamire Williams

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New Music: Steve Blanco

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[Listen to Steve Blanco in the Nextplayer]

Before we launched Nextbop, I decided to go look for new artists in Montreal's HMV. I spent an entire afternoon there, just looking at records and writing names down. In the end, the only artist that made it on our site was [Steve Blanco]. The album cover of "Piano Warrior", with a a picture of Steve sporting fresh Ray Bans, just seemed so promising. Justin and I checked out his MySpace and we were hooked! There's really some great, heavy, rock influenced, power jazz on both his records. Enjoy!