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Call for Open Submissions

[Anthony Dean-Harris]
Editor-in-Chief / @retronius

We’ve been really excited about today. Today we ask that our Nextbop family get a little bigger. Seb, Justin, and I have been working hard to make sure you, dear web surfer, would love everything we have to offer here. Still, our goal has always been to build a true community of folks who love good music. What better way to do that than to open the doors or windows or whatever you want to go with here to build/destroy a metaphor and allow for you to become a part of the process of making Nextbop great.

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Nextbop's Lost Hank Jones Interview

[Listen to Gerald Clayton's Peace for the Moment. Seems like a piece fit for the occasion.]

Two years ago, a whole year before Nextbop ever saw the light of day, we got the incredible opportunity to interview Hank Jones, during his visit to the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Hank Jones and his manager, Jean-Pierre, believed that our mission was important enough for them to give us their blessing. Mr. Jones' legacy will forever live on through the work of torchbearers such as ourselves.

Hank, I will always keep this interview in loving memory of you and it is now an honor for me to be able to share it with the world on this sad day...

seb & justin.

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Jamire's Words of Wisdom (XV)

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

Jamire Williams