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Jamire's Words of Wisdom (XI)

"Bout to hop in this jacuzzi bath and see if I can get one of the maids to bring me a towel while I'm in there."

Jamire Williams

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Radiohead, meet Robert Glasper

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Radiohead - Everything in its right place

[Robert Glasper] - Maiden Voyage / Everything in its right place

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DMCA: Hurting More Than It Helps

Written by [Anthony Dean-Harris]

Last week, I attended a meeting at my charming little non-commercial radio station, [KRTU San Antonio], about general protocol and other things on which the volunteer DJs may have needed some catching up on. The rigmarole covered the usual: the program that runs the music, refamiliarizing everyone with the sound board, preparing for the upcoming spring pledge drive (KRTU is non-commercial, listener-supported radio), and refreshing ourselves with FCC protocol. The meeting was going well. Rarely are there times when all the DJs are in the room at the same time, so that was clearly nice. Everything was going alright until we had to go over the steps to make sure we were compliant with the [Digital Millennium Copyright Act].

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It's Valentine's!!!

It's Valentine's and I give you the lovely Megan Fox (because my boy [Saint] said he'd introduce me to her ;). I wonder if I'm her type...

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It's Christian Scott MADNESS at Nextbop!

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AIGHT!! It's officially [Christian Scott] MADNESS over here at Nextbop!! Who dat? CHRISTIAN SCOTT!!