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For Your Continued Support

Written by [Anthony Dean-Harris]

My home radio station, [KRTU San Antonio], is currently in the middle of its semiannual pledge drive. Since I volunteer at a non-commercial, public radio station, much of its operation budget comes from listener donations, so twice a year, we make a plea to our audience (hopefully you’re included in that, dear reader) to donate to KRTU and become a member of the station. This schilling process involves a series of rather detailed pitches to the listener on why supporting the station and jazz music is important.

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Mr. Argue, welcome to Nextbop.

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[Listen to Darcy James Argue in the Nextplayer]

Yo, [Darcy James Argue]'s so fresh he's got 3 names! Yup. I bet you REALLY want to listen to his 'ish now! All kidding aside, it's an honor to welcome Darcy to the Nextbop family. His music is 'effing SiCK! Best way to describe it? Ok. Let me try. Take 1 part Big Band, 1 part Rock Band and 1 part Red Bull. Mix. Pour. And you got yourself a Secret Society on the rocks (shaken, of course, not stirred).

If you're not familiar with his stuff you can always checkout this little YouTube Mash-Up we made.


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Jamire's Words of Wisdom (XI)

"Bout to hop in this jacuzzi bath and see if I can get one of the maids to bring me a towel while I'm in there."

Jamire Williams