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Jamire's Words of Wisdom (XVI)

"It's goin' diiiine this Wed!! I need to see you in NYC!!" :: Jamire Williams

Seriouly people. If you're in NYC on June 16, GO CHECK OUT Jamire's Band. It's gonna be SiCK! Here's the link to the Facebook event so you can RSVP and see all the cool cats who are gonna show up [CLICK HERE]. I mean, Jamire Williams, Jason Moran, John Ellis, Corey King, Matt Stevens, Vicente Archer and Christ Turner. Why the hell wouldn't you go?

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Help Nextbop. Donate now.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! I've been trying to avoid this moment for some time, but I think I've officially run out of more creative ideas. I'm not usually for websites who collect donations. I prefer to earn money, not beg for it. BUT Nextbop has some AMAZING projects in line and we're DESPERATLY lacking financing.

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Christian Scott Radio Interview

Here's the [Christian Scott] interview I recorded for my radio pilot. It turned out pretty well so I figured I'd post it here.

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Insular and Diminishing or Liberal and Proliferating

[Anthony Dean-Harris]
Editor-In-Chief / @retronius

I can’t remember if I ever said this in print (er… pixels) before but I want to make sure people know this: I don’t read comic books. Outside of that period in which my friends encouraged me in college to voraciously devour Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, I never was one to read comic books or graphic novels. My parents never introduced them to me as a kid and therefore I never truly picked them up down the line.