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WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! I've been trying to avoid this moment for some time, but I think I've officially run out of more creative ideas. I'm not usually for websites who collect donations. I prefer to earn money, not beg for it. BUT Nextbop has some AMAZING projects in line and we're DESPERATLY lacking financing.

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Christian Scott Radio Interview

Here's the [Christian Scott] interview I recorded for my radio pilot. It turned out pretty well so I figured I'd post it here.

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Insular and Diminishing or Liberal and Proliferating

[Anthony Dean-Harris]
Editor-In-Chief / @retronius

I can’t remember if I ever said this in print (er… pixels) before but I want to make sure people know this: I don’t read comic books. Outside of that period in which my friends encouraged me in college to voraciously devour Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, I never was one to read comic books or graphic novels. My parents never introduced them to me as a kid and therefore I never truly picked them up down the line.