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Paying Tribute to Ronnie Foster

So Professor X, [Vijay Iyer], played this song yesterday as one of his 3 encores (VIJAY'S DA MAN!!!) and I just had to pay my respects to Ronnie Foster. I actually first heard this track as a remix by Madlib, then on Vijay's historicity and the original last. lol. That's how I discover other genres. Through jazz music. If only everyone did the same...

So I the order I discovered them, I give you Madlib, VJ and Ronnie Foster's Mystic Brew. ENJOY!

Peace out,

Madlib :: Mystic Bounce

[Vijay Iyer] :: Mystic Brew

Ronnie Foster :: Mystic Brew

UPDATE: Juss was told by Anthony there's also a Tribe Called Quest version.

A Tribe Called Quest :: Electric Relaxation

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MJF 2010: Vijay Iyer Interview

Got the chance to meet up with [Vijay Iyer] yesterday for a brief interview (briefs or boxers? nah. juss kidding). Vijay's the CHILLEST DUDE EVER! HIS SHOWS WERE AWESOME! Videos of the shows coming later.

Peace out live from the Montreal Jazzfest,

P.S. This was the first day of using a video camera borrowed a few hours before... so yes it's over exposed... and yes we need a mic.

UPDATE: I'll be transcribing the interview when I get a minute (because the sound really is dreadful). My sincere apologies.

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MFJ Art Gallery Photoblog

Went to the unveiling of the Jazz Festival's Art Gallery. Featured some cool stuff by Miles. Here are some pics for those of you who couldn't come to Montreal!

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MJF: D Day Minus 1

Whassup! Whassup! 1 day before the Montreal Jazz Festival. Here's what's going on tomorrow including some extra special stuff we're putting on with Planete Jazz!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: [Vijay Iyer] will be doing a SPECIAL SOLO APPEARANCE at the Planete Jazz Lounge on the main festival plaza at 2:15PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On the Changing of the Guard

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @retronius

A few weeks ago, I commented on this very briefly but I feel I need to go a little bit more in depth on how I feel the jazz genre is very closely related to other institutions that keep the same leadership on just a little bit too long. Jazz’s pattern of waxing and waning public interest isn’t anything new, not in itself, nor as an institution.