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Jacky Terrasson PUSH Streams

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[Jacky Terrasson] preview plus 30 second samples of his lastest album PUSH. Granted these suck, but that's all we have at the moment.


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But How Do You Sell It?

[Anthony Dean-Harris]
Editor-In-Chief / @retronius

As we come off the heels of a couple very pulse pounding weeks, I found myself in a bit of a quandary as it relates to writing. I recently went through a case of writer’s lethargy (akin to writer’s block but instead of lacking ideas on which to write, I lacked the motivation to write at all). After that passed, I lacked the capacity to write as I should since my computer died. (Now accepting donations so I can buy a new computer and so these hits can keep on coming.) But one rather difficult obstacle was figuring out how to write a column in a given week in the midst of artist-specific dedicated weeks on Nextbop.

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Jacky Terrasson Photo Madness!!!

US: iTunes, Amazon CD, Amazon MP3
Canada: iTunes, Amazon CD

A ton of SiCK pics from our man [Jacky Terrasson]. As a friend, someone's gonna have to fire his stylist. The 'fro I can deal with, but what's with the Caveman vest? Anyways, I also found some pics from the Mirror shoot which we didn't have, so enjoy!


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Win a Copy of Jacky Terrasson's New Album!

Our boy [Jacky Terrasson] aka JT's got a brand new album dropping this week on Concord with his SiCK new trio made up of recent Monk winner [Ben Williams] also a member of [Stefon Harris' Blackout] and DRUMMER-EXTRAORDINAIRE [Jamire Williams] a notable member of [Christian Scott]'s band. (If you listen to all the music from these last few links you're 'effing cool.)