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Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @retronius

A. G. Amo statue

Back in my time at Morehouse College, I was greatly enamored with Antonius Gulielmus Amo’s ideas concerning hermeneutics, the study of interpretation. In his 1736 text, The Art of Philosophising Soberly and Accurately, Amo trumpeted the idea of a hermeneutic circle, the interconnectivity but clear delineation between the artist, the work, and the audience. Upon hearing this idea, I was shaken to my shoes thinking about all new ways to analyze a text. Even now, I think about it when I listen to music.

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Vysual Notes - Dave Brubeck Press Conference - 7/5

Vy Drouin Le
Contributing Writer

Dave Brubeck Receives A Special Issue Miles Davis Award

Slow steps. “Hello… What’s up?” 89 and still strong. In music and in humor. We are here to honor Dave Brubeck’s remarkable career, as well as his 90th birthday (in December). Alain Simard presents the special prize, materialized in the form of a bronze sculpture made from a Miles Davis self-portrait. As Simard handed the “little souvenir from the Montreal Jazz Fest,” Brubeck thanked him, laughing: “You weren’t kidding. It is heavy! So was Miles, a heavy guy.” This exchange set the tone for a pleasant half-hour with the living legend. He rarely talks about himself, and answers questions by elaborating on his close relationship with Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson.

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MJF 2010: Allen Toussaint

David Ryshpan
Contributing Writer

There are times when it's evident you are in the presence of greatness. Allen Toussaint's solo show at the Gésu was one of those instances. The experience of being in the master pianist-singer-songwriter-producer's living room, as he talked about the history of his tunes, was magical. He is responsible, in whole or in part, for so many milestone moments in American pop and R&B.

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Romain Collin at Blue Note NYC Saturday July 10

[Romain Collin]
Nextbop Artist

Hi Everyone,

I hope this email finds all of you in good spirits and enjoying the heat of the summer...

I am very excited to be back with my band at the Blue Note, NY for the Late Night Groove Series. Even more exciting is the power rhythm section that will be joining me for the occasion, with Kendrick Scott on drums and Luques Curtis on bass. The band will be performing some of my latest work: new original compositions, as well as a few arrangements of jazz standards.

The late night hang at the Blue Note is always a lot of fun and I really hope you can make it out to support the band!

All the very best,


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MJF 2010: Tigran Hamasyan Solo


You guys know [Tigran Hamasyan] yet? He's 21 years old. He won the Monk competition 4 years ago, beating such notables as [Aaron Parks] and [Gerald Clayton].

Anyways, check him out soloing for Nextbop on Justin's piano.