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Win a Copy of Jacky Terrasson's New Album!

Our boy [Jacky Terrasson] aka JT's got a brand new album dropping this week on Concord with his SiCK new trio made up of recent Monk winner [Ben Williams] also a member of [Stefon Harris' Blackout] and DRUMMER-EXTRAORDINAIRE [Jamire Williams] a notable member of [Christian Scott]'s band. (If you listen to all the music from these last few links you're 'effing cool.)

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Rusconi Live Lausanne Video in HD!

SiCK [Rusconi] video from their Lausanne gig courtesy of Karine Pfenniger. Enjoy!

P.S. The winners of the Rusconi contest are: Christine Helary Sawyer, Katarina Bencze, Joshua J. Johnson, Jonathan Turgeon and Ernesto Cervini!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Gospel According to Miles

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-In-Chief / @retronius

Originally published in Reflections Magazine, an [African-American Reflections] publication.

I have been blessed to write about what I have called time and again “my first love after Jesus.” I find it to be a rather thrilling task to undertake, but it comes with a certain challenge. In essence, I’m speaking about an art form that many consider dead. There are those who when talk of jazz comes up, thoughts go to Nat King Cole or Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Few think about the players today like Vijay Iyer or Brad Mehldau, Gretchen Parlato or Esperanza Spalding. Jazz is a form that continually grows, advances, and adapts to the times but what it doesn’t seem to do is let enough people know about those changes.

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Rusconi Live Concert Pics

US: iTunes, Amazon CD, Amazon MP3
Canada: iTunes, Amazon CD

Sup y'all. I'm really sorry I haven't been posting as frequently as I should have. My bad. I'll try to post a few things everyday for the next week of so. We got a ton of cool stuff for you.

To kick things off here are some cool live [Rusconi] concert pics from their concert this week in Lausanne courtesy of Karine Pfenniger. Enjoy!