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Baptiste Trotignon Live Concert Pics

Here are some pics from [Baptiste Trotignon] recent gig at the Sunside in Paris. Big thanks to Edouard Desgrez for shooting these for us.


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2 New Tracks from Baptiste Trotignon's Suite...

US: iTunes, Amazon CD, Amazon MP3
Canada: iTunes, Amazon CD

[Listen to Baptiste Trotignon in the Nextplayer]

Just added 2 tracks from [Baptiste Trotignon]'s new album, Suite..., to his profile. Go check it out. GO LISTEN!!! GO BUY IT!!!! It's SiCK!!!!

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Baptiste Trotignon, Mark Turner, Eric Harland, Jeremy Pelt and Matt Penman

[Baptiste Trotignon] and his new Quintet, featuring Jeremy Pelt on Trumpet, Mark Turner on Tenor, Eric Harland on Drums and Matt Penman on Bass.

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Colbert Vs. the Jazz Robot

[Anthony Dean-Harris]
Editor-In-Chief / @retronius

Did you catch The Colbert Report last night? You might have wanted to catch these jokes.

Colbert once again stood on his soapbox and railed against jazz music. Specifically, he announced the shocking future of MIT-engineered marimba playing robots that can improvise with human musicians. If the bit weren’t so funny, we’d be frightened and offended. Start at 1:27 to exercise your ability to laugh at yourself.