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I had planned on posting this tomorrow, but I just can't wait any longer... We have 6 [Christian Scott] streams! Concord Records is officially my favorite label! I just wrote about Christian for the [Jazz Now project], so I figured I'd reuse the material. Only difference is that the text was toned down by NPR, so here's the raw and uncensored version. And yes, I posted 2 different versions of "Litany Against Fear". Why? Because I can and because it's hands down my all-time favorite song!

Christian Scott is the baddest (yes, I know that’s not an actual word) dude in jazz right now. He has it all: the talent, the look, the style, the personality. He’s just one extraordinarily cool guy. If there’s one jazzman I’d love to chill with, it’s Christian Scott. His album "Anthem" absolutely blew me away. I had never heard such intensity and energy in jazz music before, well not quite like that anyway. His music is loud. It’s heavy. It’s deep. It’s raw. It’s gripping. It’s dark. It’s contemplative. It’s just simply astounding. And Christian sure knows how to surround himself with some the best musicians out there! His sidemen include [Aaron Parks], Matt Stevens, Esperanza Spalding, Joe Sanders, Jamire Williams, Marcus Gilmore and Walter Smith III. All these guys (and girl) really rock plus Matt Stevens’ got some especially sick guitar skills. In my opinion, “Anthem” is one the most revolutionary jazz albums of this decade notwithstanding the fact that "Rewind That" and "Live in Newport" are just as good. Christian Scott redefined the boundaries of jazz and, in doing so, created a completely new genre of music. His sound is fresh, exciting and seriously cool. This one’s an absolute must for all young jazz fans. And I just can't wait for his new album “Yesterday you said tomorrow” to drop in February 2010. Christian Scott is one sick jazzman!

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