Sarah Elizabeth Charles feat. Christian Scott – “Change to Come”

More and more artists are fed up with the senseless violence happening daily in the United States and are letting their frustration be heard through their music. The latest example of this is “Change to Come”, Sarah Elizabeth Charles’ new single off her upcoming album Free of Form out October 6th on Stretch Music / Ropeadope. The song was written in 2014, in the wake of Eric Garner’s death. “The most zoomed-out version,” Charles says of the song, “is just general resistance to violence. Then if you go a little bit narrower, it’s speaking to race relations and the issues that have existed because of the nature of the history and formation of this country.” “Change to Come” features trumpeter Christian Scott who co-produced the album alongside Jesse Elder (keys), Burniss Earl Travis II (bass), and John Davis (drums). You can stream the track below.