Jazz Musician Interviews

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In this exclusive section, we dive deep into the world of jazz through intimate and insightful conversations with some of the genre’s most talented and innovative musicians. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of interviews, revealing the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs behind their art.

From seasoned legends to emerging stars, our discussions offer a rare glimpse into the minds and souls of these creative geniuses. Join us as we explore their journeys, their music, and the magic of jazz.

‘The Thompson Fields’ – An Interview with Maria Schneider

Read our interview with jazz composer Maria Schneider discussing her album The Thompson Fields, her musical upbringing, and jazz big bands.

Relevant to His Time: An Interview with Robert Glasper

Read our interview with jazz pianist Robert Glasper discussing his album Black Radio, his musical influences, and the future of jazz music.

Harish Raghavan on ‘Calls for Action’, his Creative Process, and his Advice for Young Musicians

Interview with jazz bassist Harish Raghavan discussing his debut album ‘Calls for Action’, his creative process, and his advice for young jazz musicians.

Dan Weiss on ‘Utica Box’, his Career, and Music in General (Interview)

Read our interview with drummer Dan Weiss about his album ‘Utica Box’, his career, musicians he admires, and what he’s listening to these days.

Brian Lynch on ‘The Omni-American Book Club’, the State of Jazz Music, and his Advice for the Next Generation

Brian Lynch interviewed about his album ‘The Omni-American Book Club’, the state of jazz music, and his advice for the next generation of jazz musicians.

Trumpeter Russell Gunn Discusses his Latest Album, Ancient Dogon Knowledge, and his Quest for Truth

Jazz trumpeter Russell Gunn discusses his latest album, ancient Dogon knowledge, and his quest for truth with the jazz music blog Nextbop.

Nextbop Interviews Hailey Niswanger of MAE.SUN

Nextbop’s interviews Hailey Niswanger of MAE.SUN, exploring her musical evolution and the creative process behind her unique sound.

Nextbop Interviews Rudresh Mahanthappa

Explore Nextbop’s engaging interview with Rudresh Mahanthappa, delving into his unique jazz style, inspirations, and musical journey.

Nextbop Interviews Brian Blade

Explore the depths of jazz in Nextbop’s exclusive interview with the legendary Brian Blade, where innovation meets tradition.

Nextbop Interviews Marquis Hill

Read Nextbop’s exclusive interview with Marquis Hill, offering a deep dive into his jazz career, inspirations, and the evolution of his musical style.

Nextbop Interviews Sarah Elizabeth Charles

Dive into Nextbop’s interview with Sarah Elizabeth Charles as she discusses ‘Free of Form,’ her latest vocal jazz album that’s shaping the genre.

Nextbop Interviews Kendrick Scott

Nextbop’s latest jazz interview with Kendrick Scott delves into Blue Note Records’ ‘Our Point of View’ and its impact on the jazz scene.

Nextbop Interviews Fabian Almazan Founder of Biophilia Records

Discover Fabian Almazan in Nextbop’s interview: a journey from pianist to eco-conscious label founder, blending music with environmental awareness.

Nextbop Interviews Chet Doxas

Get an inside look at Chet Doxas‘ musical evolution in Nextbop’s exclusive interview with the renowned saxophonist.

Marc Cary on the Fender Rhodes, Influence, and Individualism

Dive into our Marc Cary interview discussing the Fender Rhodes, his musical influences, and his journey towards individualism in music.

Leaving Room for Magic: Ben Williams on Inspiration, Balance and the Synergy Behind ‘Coming of Age’

Leaving Room for Magic: an interview of jazz bassist Ben Williams on inspiration, balance and the synergy behind his album ‘Coming of Age’.

Steve Wilson: Notes to a Young Player

Steve Wilson imparts wisdom in ‘Notes to a Young Player’ – a Nextbop Jazz exclusive interview offering invaluable insights for budding musicians.

An Interview with John Raymond

Delve into Nextbop’s insightful interview with John Raymond, exploring his unique perspectives and contributions to the jazz world.

Marcus Miller: Suspending the Rules (Interview)

Read our exclusive interview with Marcus Miller on Nextbop, where he discusses his unique approach to music. Insightful and inspiring!”

Orrin Evans Releases ‘Flip the Script’

Nextbop Jazz exclusive: Orrin Evans talks about ‘Flip the Script,’ his latest release that’s reshaping the jazz landscape.

Jazz Community Responds to Trayvon Martin Tragedy

Discover the jazz community’s powerful response to the Trayvon Martin tragedy, highlighting activism and empathy through music.

A Message In Our Music Part 2: Christian McBride

Christian McBride shares his profound musical message in Nextbop Jazz’s feature, blending artistry with social commentary.

A Message In Our Music Part 1: Jason Moran

Jason Moran reveals the deeper meanings in his music in this Nextbop Jazz feature, blending creativity with powerful messages.

On the Rise: A Conversation With Kris Bowers

Nextbop Jazz presents ‘On the Rise’: an engaging conversation with Kris Bowers, spotlighting his ascending trajectory in the jazz world.

Geri Allen On Her First Christmas Album and Embracing It All

Geri Allen discusses her first Christmas album in a heartfelt interview, revealing her journey of embracing diverse musical styles.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad: On Life and The Low End Theory

Ali Shaheed Muhammad reflects on life and ‘The Low End Theory,’ sharing insights into his influential career in this candid interview.

An Interview with Tigran Hamasyan

Delve into our 2011 interview with Tigran Hamasyan, as he discusses his album ‘Fable’ and musical influences, illuminating his jazz pianist journey.

The Mentality of Music: An Interview with Marcus Miller

Explore Marcus Miller‘s musical mind in an insightful interview, delving into his creative process and artistic journey.

Matt Kassel sit down with Ari Hoenig and Gilad Hekselman

Nextbop Jazz features a captivating interview with Ari Hoenig and Gilad Hekselman, delving into their unique perspectives and collaborations.

Aaron Parks Interviewed by Matt Kassel

Dive into Aaron Parks‘ insightful interview with Matt Kassel, exploring the dynamic world of jazz. A must-read for jazz enthusiasts!