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Christian Scott's 'Christian aTunde Adjuah' Streaming at NPR

Alexander Brown
Staff Writer / @relaxandaspire

First off, for those not in the know, Christian Scott is one of the standard bearers for jazz right now. His albums can consistently be described as “jazz and...”, cementing this new era of fusion in which we find ourselves. So of course NPR is going to be streaming his latest offering, Christian aTunde Adjuah, before its July 31st release. Hopefully those of you with the means will give a hard listen and decide for yourselves if it’s worth a more consistent listening. And if it’s worth patronizing NPR a bit more than you already do.

Second, NPR has been doing the lion’s share of what music press used to do before media consolidation and budget cuts. Namely, they try to introduce you to music you wouldn’t have already known existed. It’s hard work made harder by the consistent threat of one of the nation’s political parties threatening to extinguish you. Culture may thrive on capitalism, but capitalism will eat culture if it can.