Robert Glasper Trio – “Stella By Starlight” (Video)

Pianist Robert Glasper has a new album about with a return to his trio of bassist Vicente Archer and drummer Damion Reid (some of whose work you can hear streaming for the next few days on my guest hosting of Rhythm Heads, including from the new Glasper album). Covered: The Robert Glasper Trio Recorded Live at Capitol Records takes on songs new and old with Glasper’s signature playful fingering on the keys for an altogether pleasant album with unforeseen takes on tunes. Among them is the old standard “Stella By Starlight” which Glasper, Archer, and Reid take for a walk out the park, beyond the fence, out through the parking lot, into the street, down the block a bit, and return back safe and sound, and there’s video. Check it out after the jump.

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The Robert Glasper Trio’s Covered… is out now on Blue Note Records. You can buy it now on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Music.