Idan Morim – “But I” (Stream)

Israeli guitarist Idan Morim moved to New York to attend the New School in 2013, another jazz musician moving to New York to go through the gauntlet of raising the chops and finding a place in the scene. With the upcoming release of his debut album at the end of this month on Outside In Music, I.M., one could say he has assuredly done so. Playing alongside bassist Almog Savrit, keyboardist Micha Gilad, the always spectacular drummer Colin Stranahan, and the young man who is just totally killing it on everything right now, trumpeter Adam O’Farrill, Morim has been playing the last few years with a killer group who sound great all over his well crafted album. To give you a taste, he just released the first single, album opener “But I” for your enjoyment. Check it out below and be sure to pre-order I.M. before it drops June 28th.

I.M., the debut album from guitarist Idan Morim, is out June 28th on Outside In Music.

Idan Morim – guitar
Adam O’Farrill – trumpet
Micha Gilad – keyboards
Almog Savrit – bass
Colin Stranahan – drums