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Vincent Artaud

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Born in Annecy in 1970, Vincent Artaud grew up in Dijon. At 17, Vincent, who had started playing bass guitar, enrolled at the jazz school of his home town. A series of trips to Paris finally convinced him in 1992, that he should make the capital his hometown. He emerged from obscurity in 1997 when he formed his first quartet of which he wrote the repertoire. Press reactions were favourable and they went on to play a series of dates at major events and venues. From 2000 to 2005, Artaud applied his growing erudition to commissioned works, mainly for the theatre as musical producer. His professionalism has led him to contribute to the success of several popular albums (Henri Salvador, Patrick Bruel, Dany Brillant and Angélique Kidjo, amongst others). He has toured with a number of big names, and has contributed to scores for cinema and television. During summer 2000, he met Arnaud Rebotini aka Zend Avesta, a key protagonist of the French electronic scene, who introduced him to working with digital and analogue synthesizers. It has played a crucial role in the birth of Artaud’s debut album. This album, simply called ‘Artaud’, sums up the inner synthesis of influences, experience, knowledge and inventiveness which has slowly taken form. ‘Artaud’ is a name for this music which defies classification, music which, in many ways, reflects the complex, open-minded and sensitive personality of its creator.