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Raynald Colom

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Raynald Colom was born in Vincennes (France) in 1978. He started learning music at the Créteil Music Conservatory when he was four years old: he studied violin until age eight, when his parents gave him a trumpet.

In 1988 his family moved to Barcelona (Spain), where he continued his musical studies, and got some private tuition by Wynton Marsalis, Roy Hargrove and Kenny Barron. In 1999, after finishing studies at the Terrassa Municipal Conservatory and the Bellaterra Music School, he obtained a scholarship for the Berklee Music College in Boston, where he learned from teachers such as Bill Pierce and Darren Barrett among others.
In 2000 he moved to Barcelona where he started freelancing with musicians like Albert Bover, Randy Becker, Jesse Davis, Robin Eubanks, Horacio Fumero, Chris Higgins, Guillermo McGill, Michael Philip Mossman, Perico Sambeat, Antonio Serrano, or Louis Stewart. He also traveled trough the US and Latin America as part of Manu Chao’s “Clandestino” tour.




2009 Adlib Arts
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  • Toulouse
  • Intro de ida
  • De ida
  • Y vuelta
  • Zyriab
  • Sanctuary
  • Como el cielo, las estrellas
  • Evocacion#2