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Neil Cowley

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As a 10 year old child prodigy, London-born Neil Cowley performed a Shostakovich piano concerto to a full house at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, yet he turned his back on the Royal Academy at an early age. Instead, having answered an ad in Melody Maker at 17, he entered the world of pop.

Cowley went on to record and tour with some of the best soul and funk bands of the day, including Gabrielle, The Pasadenas, 4 years with the Brand New Heavies, and Zero 7, until in 2002 he formed his own band, Fragile State.



Radio Silence

2009 HideInside Records
  • Monoface
  • Radio Silence
  • Vice Skating
  • A French Lesson
  • Gerald
  • Desert To Rabat
  • Stereoface
  • Hug The Greyhound
  • Portal