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Le Boeuf Brothers

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Prepare to be astonished by the bold compositions and stylish approach of the Le Boeuf Brothers, jazz twins with an ear for innovation, drama, and a touch of humor. Part of a growing New York jazz scene characterized by odd time signatures, current indie rock, and the influences of artists such as Radiohead, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Herbie Hancock, Remy and Pascal Le Boeuf (saxophone and piano) play a sophisticated brand of modern jazz that, despite it’s complexity, remains upbeat and accessible to any audience.



In Praise of Shadows

  • Fire Dancing Dreams
  • Everything You Love
  • Two Worlds
  • D2D
  • Calgary Clouds
  • Circles
  • We Thought They Were Planets...
  • Red Velvet
  • The Last Time You Were Happy
  • For Every Kiss
  • In Praise of Shadows