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Helge Lien

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How to master “The Art Of The Trio” perfectly. Until now we’ve only known it from Brad Mehldau, Bill Evans and E.S.T. Now, with the Norwegian Helge Lien Trio, a new formation is on the way to adding new exciting soundscapes to the piano trio. Perfectly in tune with each other, this trio has presented us with „Hello Troll“, an album that paints lyrical- impressionistic moodscapes, and whose appeal is practically irresistible.



To The Little Radio

2006 DIW
  • Grandfathers Waltz
  • Look For The Silver Lining
  • Chelsea Bridge
  • Little Sunflower
  • Penelope
  • Ida Lupino
  • So In Love
  • Love Song
  • Amapola
  • Sonor
  • To The Little Radio