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[Christian Scott]
Yesterday You Said Tomorrow
2010 Concord

A+ (I’m still in school, so y’all getting school grades)

Christian “Saint” Scott: Trumpet & Bossing around his padawans
Matt “Rip” Stevens: Guitar & Canadian Bacon
Jamire “The Wisdom” Williams aka “Murk The Kit” (If you don’t know what that means go check out Urban Dic. And if you don’t know what that means then you don’t spend enough time on the internet.): drums & much needed comic relief
Milton “Big Milt” Fletcher: keys
Kriss “Kool” Funn: bass

Written by [Seb]
First off, everything in this article is strictly my own personal opinion and I do not speak in the name of [Justin] or [Anthony] when I write these words.

When we started Nextbop, Justin and I vowed not to do album reviews, because we felt each and every person had to make up their own mind about what music they liked and what music they didn’t like as much. I think no one explained this better than [Gerald Clayton]:

"I don’t like the words jazz, rock or classical. I think those just put people’s minds into a box. A lot of times people become close minded towards music that they’ve never even listened to because it’s classified under a certain genre."

But I decided to write this review for two very specific reasons. First, I know it will mean a lot to Christian. I idolized the guy before I even got the chance to meet him. But what amazed me about Christian is that he really is a Saint. He’s a remarkably talented musician and more importantly an extraordinary man. Christian has taken us under his wing and he’s been extremely supportive of Nextbop. He keeps helping us out and being there for us. Right now he’s filming a videoblog for our YouTube channel, which he plans on updating on a regular basis.

I mean, half the time Christian is half-way around the world in between flights or running from an interview to another but he still takes the time to call. And he’s not the only one. I also have good relationships with [Aaron Parks], [Neil Cowley], [Romain Collin], [Yaron Herman], and others. We love all the artists on Nextbop equally, but it’s easier to generate content for those who are giving us a hand. The management teams of [Benny Lackner], [The Bad Plus], [Gerald Clayton] and [MMW] have also been very helpful.

Let me also use this occasion to thank [Anthony] (@retronius) from [African-American Reflections], [91.7 FM KRTU San Antonio] & [In Retrospect] (HUGE HUGE THANKS BTW), Patrick Jarenwattananon (@blogsupreme) from [NPR's A Blog Supreme], Lucas Gillan (@lucasgillan & @accujazzradio) from [] & [AccuJazz Radio], Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) from [One Working Musician], David Hill (@dave6834) from [Hot House], David Ryshpan (@ryshpanmusic) from [Settle in Shpping], Peter Hum (@peterhum) from [], Matt Merewitz (@fullyaltered) from [Fully Altered Media], Josh Jackson (@checkoutjazz) from [The Checkout] and the few others I have forgotten for being the modern day jazz historians and preachers that they are.

With Christian, I feel that he really gets what were doing and that we have his blessings for this project. All we’re really trying to do is make sure that this new, young, exciting, and passionate generation of jazz musicians can reach a larger and more mainstream fan base. I believe in this music. It’s something special and it needs to be heard. These artists are taking jazz to places it's never been before, right before our very eyes.

The second reason, for which I am writing this post, is that no words can describe how remarkable and moving this album is. I told Christian: “People NEED to hear this shit. It'll change their lives.” Christian responded: ”you gotta listen 2 it twice the second time has to be really really LOUD!” The second time, I used my BOSE headphones.

One of the things that Justin says sometimes is that he regrets never having seen Miles play. I keep telling him that Miles died when he was just 6 years old. Justin didn’t even like jazz back then. But, people, if you get the chance to see Christian, do it. You’ll be able to witness a tiny piece of music history in the making. I regret never having seen Coltrane play live. I hope no one misses their opportunity to see Saint play; his whole band, really. ESPECIALLY Matt Stevens and Jamire Williams, who are both MONSTER players. The two other dogs (I don't like cats. Not as cool. Sorry jazz peeps.) are new and I haven't had the chance to meet them. Yet.

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow begins with a sort of Tanrantino film score vibe to it; something very Kill Bill-esque (see, this is exactly why I don't do reviews). First thing that jumps out is Wisdon’s SiCK beats behind Rip's quiet and contemplative comping. Jamire is out of this world!!! Is this dude for real?!? Superhuman drum skills, wits and wisdom beyond his years, all seems very odd to me...

The whole album has a real magical feeling to it. Rudy van Gelder surely had a lot do to with that. When I put on this album I sorta feels like how it must have felt to hear Birth of the Cool or Blue Train when they first came out. Totally revolutionary. Something new your mind can't quit grasp at first. But you want to hear it over and over and over again, just to take in all the subtleties and nuances the music has. It's incredibly rich music. It's like the [Death by Chocolate] of music.

Christian's tone is softer on this record and more windy, almost raspy at times. I think it sounds great. And don’t get me wrong! He also gets really, really loud! Said that he blew his lip on K.K.P.D. (listen for the screaming). Apparently, it hurt like mad and there was blood everywhere! The crazy thing is that he keeps on playing and makes sure to end his solo with an intensity reminiscent of Abbey Lincoln’s singing on Max Roach’s Triptych: (Prayer/Protest/Peace). Now that’s intense ish!

The second track on the album is a cover of Thom Yorke’s The Eraser. Don’t adjust your speakers. That sound is normal. Really, don’t panic. Now back to serious business, this track is full of hope and peacefulness. Feels like when you first get a crush on a really pretty girl. But it also has an AMAZING elecroacoustic feel! Sorta like listening to real live people play a blend of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher mixed with [e.s.t]'s Goldwrap.

I could go on and on, but just get a copy of the album and let me know what you all think. I believe Christian's new version of Isadora is his best to date (damn, she must be a special girl). And Angola, LA & the 13th Amendment is the most incredible Christian Scott song ever recorded. Truly a work of art. A masterpiece!

With this album, Christian drops the first major jazz landmark of his young generation. People, you all NEED to hear this shit. It'll change your lives.

And Christian… I read you wanna play with Radiohead. Let’s make it happen bro!