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The Tutu Revisited 'Eff Up

So if you follow Nextbop at all you probably saw that I posted a bunch of Tutu Revisited bootlegs 2 days ago and that they all suddenly disappeared.

What happened is that I got wind that Mr. Miller's management team wasn't very happy and wanted the streams to be taken down (yeah. I got reach like that.).

In all honesty, this is just a stupid misunderstanding. Spent some time with Marcus' Business Manager in Montreal and he's a super chill guy. Because the quality of the streams was soo poor, I didn't think they'd care, especially since some amazing HD videos of the band can be found on YouTube (more on that later...).

I really LOVED the show and I was trying to do my part in promoting it. Juss trying to get more people to buy tickets! But the jazz industry has a weird habit of not liking our work over here at Nextbop. WE'RE FUCKING PROMOTING YOUR SHIT GUYS! FOR FREE! CUT US SOME FUCKING SLACK!

Anyhow, Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited, featuring [Christian Scott], was probably the most fun I've had at a concert since seeing [Roy Hargrove's RH Factor]. So if they're coming to a city near you, YOU MUST CHECK THEM OUT!

And because I can't give you shitty quality audio streams, here are some HD Videos from YouTube.


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Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited - Backyard Ritual

Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited - Splash

Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited - Tomaas

Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited - Full Nelson

Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited - Portia Tutu

Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited - Jean-Pierre