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The Line-Up for 6 January 2017

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

It's first show of the new year and I have new music and old music that's new to me and maybe to you. I tried to make a good first showing.

The Line-Up for 6 January 2017

Jeff Denson - City Life on Trains
In my looking through emails, this came across my desk and made an impact.
Teebs - View Points
George Burton - Stuck in the Crack
I wanted to make sure I got to play this one more time to give it a bit more spotlight.
Extended (Oscar Rossignoli/Matt Booth/Brad Webb) - Never Odd or Even
Brad Webb passes this my way, his new piano trio album out in March. Webb is dope so it got my attention.
Teebs - Double Fifths
Cameron Mizell - Clearing Skies
I also wanted to make sure this got a bit more attention since I had reviewed it recently.
Matt Mayhall - A&A
I was quite taken with Tropes and will be for a little while
DR. MiNT - spacerobot[dance]
We previewed this group's new album last month so it got my attention when it made it to Kory's desk.
Throttle Elevator Music - Flux and Solder
Kory has been quite taken with this group which features Kamasi Washington. I just appreciate that this is a group that works and isn't too taken with itself so it gets a decent shot from me.
Apple Juice Kid - Bitches
KADAWA - The Silent Rebel
I meant to review this group's self-titled album last week but didn't have the time. I really enjoyed it and will mention this in detail later.
Yussef Kamaal - Remembrance
I may be playing these guys for a while.
Mndsgn - Convert
Jamire Williams - collaborate With God (Miguel Atwood-Ferguson STRINGS MIX) feat. Chassol
I'm definitely keeping this weirdness in rotation. That's practically a foregone conclusion.

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