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The Line-Up for 20 October 2017

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

This show took place on Thundercat's birthday. It also took place on my dad's birthday. No offense to Steven Bruner, but the latter is more important to me.

The Line-Up for 20 October 2017

Thundercat - Black
I started off the show with a Thundercat tune because it's his birthday, that and I got to make a segue to my dad's birthday immediately thereafter. We use every part of the buffalo around here.
Jonti - Koi Moon's Daughter
(U)nity - Avenue 15 (feat. Pino Palladino & Pedrito Martinez)
I keep meaning to review (U)nity is Power here but haven't yet. I keep it steadily in rotation, though.
Ernesto Cervini's Turboprop - Ranthem
I saw something new from Ernesto Cervini and figured I'd give it some play.
DJ Harrison - She Think She Qtron
Mark Guiliana's Jazz Quartet - BP
I'm still poring over Jersey on the radio.
Vijay Iyer Sextet - Nope
We finally reviewed Far From Over, so I had to make sure that I gave it a shout out this week on the show.
Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition - Can-Did
I'm excited to hear some new Rudresh Mahanthappa, so I leapt at playing some on the air when I saw it in the library.
Sam Newsome & Jean-Michel Pilc - Auto-Schediasm
I am still very much in love with Magic Circle and this should be a sign that you should be, too.
Flying Lotus - All the Secrets feat. Austin Peralta
Blue Note All-Stars - Cycling Through Reality
Keep Our Point of View in your rotation.
Antonio Sanchez - Bad Hombre
I've been wanting to hear this album for a while so I'm glad we got it at KRTU finally.
Flying Lotus - All In
Rez Abbasi - Propensity
We've been talking about Unfiltered Universe for a bit and now that it's out, we should be talking about it even more.

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