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Stream Jason Lindner's "They Came from the Land of Borinquen"

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Under the cover of night, Jason Lindner uploaded a new track to his SoundCloud, a Latin jazz/spoken word collaboration with poet/rapper Chilo titled "They Came from the Land of Borinquen". The song, commissioned by and Arturo O'Farrill's Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra for the Musica Nueva 5: Big Band Poetry Jam and Beyond, will be performed by the orchestra on May 11 & 12 at Symphony Space in New York.

It probably won't be in MIDI there, but hearing this track is a good starting place for what lucky New Yorkers will get in full this weekend. Embedding for this track is disabled but you can hear it at Lindner's SoundCloud page.