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Quick News Notes This Christmas Eve

Anthony Dean-Harris
anthony.deanharris[at]nextbop[dot]com / @retronius

We’ve got a few things that we’ve wanted to mention very quickly but haven’t had the chance to until now…

First off, close friend of Nextbop Christian Scott is asking for our support in Louisiana’s Offbeat Magazine’s 2010 Best of the Beat Awards. Scott is up for Best Contemporary Jazz Artist and Best Contemporary Jazz Album for Yesterday You Said Tomorrow (which is in consideration for Nextbop’s Best Jazz Albums of 2010, the list drops next week). Don’t make us get all creepy like Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York so vote early and vote often.

Next, we’ve got a couple of folks who are doing quite well on iTunes jazz charts right now who we’d like to acknowledge. The #1 and #2 slots on iTunes jazz charts right now go to (fellow Morehouse brother, c/o 2008) Kenneth Whalum’s To Those Who Believe and Maurice Brown’s The Cycle of Love respectively. I’ve yet to hear either album, but I loved Whalum’s work on Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night and Brown has certainly received some love from NPR here and there. It’s not that we slept on Whalum and Brown (not entirely anyway). Maybe some wires got crossed and brokenness certainly set in. Either way, both of these artists are certainly worth your attention and the bourgeouning masses flocking to iTunes right now should vouch for the both of them.

iTunes Links:
To Those Who Believe - Kenneth Whalum III
The Cycle of Love - Maurice Brown