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Outhead - 'Send this Sound to the King'

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Outhead oozes. The group assembled by alto/tenor saxophonist Alex Weiss featuring Charlie Gurke on baritone saxophone, Rob Woodcock on bass and drummer Dillon Westbrook on drums has a kinds of chill to it that rumbles and eases its way though on Weiss' sophomore album, Send this Sound to the King. This group doesn't exactly play their songs, but moreso unspools them.

Outhead's sound is said to be rooted in both art house jazz and punk ideals, playing free but simply. Send this Sound to the King isn't exactly a low energy album, though it's certainly not all that uptempo. Instead, it's an album that slinks about and satisfies subtly. Even on the vocal, poetic tracks "A Made Truth" and "Uncle Ho", the kind of songs that in other hands would mangle through clunkiness or unnecessary feigned loftiness, end up being some of the best selections on the album, maintaining unerring, grooving snaps supplied aptly by Woodcock's bass and Westbrook's drums to compliment the family affair of voices. This dynamic runs through the whole work, but it's best depicted here (and not one of the available SoundCloud streams, so you'll really have to believe how good this song is before hopefully copping it yourself). It's an album that works surprisingly well as it maintains a steady heart rate.

Outhead's Send this Sound to the King is available now from Chahatatadra Music.