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Neil Cowley's Radio Silence

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Neil Cowley's last release came out in April 2010, meaning it took us a whole year to talk about it... Sorry Neil! I got the album from him during his visit to last summer's Montreal Jazz Festival. That was a pretty hectic period for Nextbop, so it sort of got pushed aside to the point where it ended up completely slipping my mind. Oups... When I finally remembered that we had never mentioned it on the site, I realized that I no longer had the CD in my possession and it took me forever to get it back. Long story.

Anyhow, here's the album. I absolutely love Neil Cowley's music. It's just so much fun! For those of you not too familiar with the trio, they play jazz in way that makes it almost sound like british pop rock or even house music. It's simply fun, unpretentious music. Kind of like if Marco Benevento only used acoustic instruments in his band. You can sample a few tracks from the album on Neil's NextPlayer (big play button at the top of the post) and if you like what you hear PLEASE do buy the album (buy links also at the top of the post). I know I keep repeating myself but it's so important that we all make a collective effort to buy more music. These artists bring so much richness to our lives. We should all show our appreciation.