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Horace Bray - 'Living.Within.Perfection'

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

I met guitarist/drummer/composer Horace Bray a year ago at a Tigran show in Austin. He'd been a fan of Nextbop for a while, and has been on my periphery for a while ever since. It's cool knowing I've got a young fan, it's even cooler to know the young University of North Texas student is pretty damn talented, too. As this young musician continues to gig in the Denton, Texas, area in assorted groups, the assorted songs he posts on his SoundCloud show pensive compositional poise and an artistic voice that's constantly influenced by other musicians today like Gilad Hekselman or Matthew Stevens. Recently, he recorded a short set of songs with bassist Mike Luzecky and drummer Connor Kent, grooving together quite well with Bray's original songs and with a lively, but relatively short version of "All the Things You Are". The set, perhaps one might consider it an EP if one may be so bold, is called Living.Within.Perfection and it's definitely worth spinning. Horace Bray is one of those artists I'm glad I've run into in the past and should definitely be one of those voices you should know. Check out Living.Within.Perfection and download some of the tracks after the jump.

Horace Bray: Guitar/Composition
Mike Luzecky: Bass
Connor Kent: Drums
Recorded and mixed by Jake Greenburg