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Aaron Parks Live in Japan

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

UPDATE: Aaron just gave this whole set away as a free download at his new Bandcamp page. Listen to this official bootleg and download it after the jump.

Folks have been waiting quite a while since pianist Aaron Parks' follow up to his Blue Note debut album, 2008's Invisible Cinema. While Parks has shown up on other folks' albums (most recently on Kurt Rosenwinkel's Star of Jupiter, the group James Farm, and others), he hasn't put out solo work in quite some time. While a legit album is forthcoming, Parks laid this trio set (featuring Thomas Morgan on bass and and RJ Miller) recorded live on his iPhone to tie us over. The set and its details are all available for streaming at WBGO's new site, RADAR. Check it out.

From his page...
So here's the thing:

Last December, I played some trio gigs in Japan with Thomas Morgan and RJ Miller. Over the course of the tour we found a way of making music together that felt really good to me. On the last night, we played a show in Mito City and I recorded it on my phone. The quality of the audio certainly isn't the most hi-fi, but there's something about the vibe of Voice Memos that I've always liked, and after doing a bit of mastering work to boost the low frequencies, I think it doesn't sound too shabby.

Anyway, here it is. You can have it. Just enter your email address and you'll be sent a download link. If for some reason you feel compelled to contribute something, consider donating to a charity in Japan (or elsewhere in the world), or buying someone else's record with the money you didn't spend on this one. There's no high concept here; this recording is basically a bootleg of the three of us playing some tunes, a documentation of something that happened which I felt like sharing (imperfections and all). Hope you enjoy.

And stay tuned...there's more music on the horizon this year.