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2011 Atlanta Jazz Festival Photoblog

Jared Bailey
Contributing Writer
jared_bailey09[at] / @Popular_Strangr

For the past few of days, I’ve been trying to figure out if I wanted to write a “review” of the Atlanta Jazz Festival or not. After deep contemplation, I realized that there aren’t really words to describe what took place there. All I can really tell you is that Sean Jones celebrated his birthday with an absolutely killing set; the Ninety Miles Project (of Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, and Christian Scott) closed the festival with their unofficial listening party, and Gerald Clayton, well, is Gerald Clayton (what more can I say?). I can’t talk about this year’s jazz festival without talking about the great young talent presented by local high school and community jazz bands. There was a middle school cat on tenor sax that could chop off a few heads already. Did I mention Christian McBride was featured with Baltimore’s own Warren Wolf’s group on electric bass?! Yeah, I know, you’re kicking yourself profusely right about now for not going. If I was on the other side of the computer, I’d kick you, too, but since I’m not, I’ll add insult to injury and give you guys a slight taste of what I was able to experience Memorial Day weekend. Maybe next year you’ll wise up.

P.S. Take notice of the increasing number of Nextbop artists performing each year. Akon said it best, “we takin’ ova! One city at a time!”

Jared Bailey is a trumpeter. His latest album can be found his Bandcamp page.