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The More the Merrier: A Call for Contributors

Sebastien Helary / Anthony Dean-Harris
Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief / @helaryous | / @i_ADH

Sporadically, we at Nextbop will send out a call for new contributors to the site. This is one of those instances. Nextbop is, and has always been, an open submission website meaning anyone, no matter how devoid of experience, is welcomed to collaborate posts and we will do our very best to nurture you as a writer. These contributions are, at this time, unpaid and on a volunteer basis, as even we do not profit from our work for the site and the revenue we are earning from banner ads is being saved up for a website redesign. So if you or someone you know is passionate about our mission statement of bringing jazz to the masses and feels their voice on the matter merits being heard, we strongly urge you to reach out to us, whether you’re a writer, a photographer, a videographer, a graphic designer or anyone else who might help us on this mission.