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Vijay Iyer Trio Live in Salzau, Germany, July 2011 (Video)

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Hat tip to, well, Vijay Iyer for pulling up this recording of his trio (Iyer on piano, Stephan Crump on bass, Marcus Gilmore on drums) performing an hour set live in Salzau, Germany in July of last year. The set, which includes songs from the heralded 2009's Historicity and this year's equally (if not moreso) heralded Accelerando, recorded by Jazz Baltica is head-swirlingly good, so hunker down and watch.

00:00 - Cardio
10:15 - Optimism
19:04 - Inertia
22:42 - Historicity
28:36 - Dogon A.D.
37:13 - Darn That Dream
41:32 - Human Nature
52:12 - Actions Speak ...
01:00:42 - Imperium
01:03:09 - end credits