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Jason Lindner's Breeding Ground - Sparkle Wolf

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Jason Lindner is back in the lab working on some new stuff with a new band called Breeding Ground. The group was created for a commissioned work at the Jazz Gallery's 2009 Composers' Series. It features Jason's Now vs. Now trio at the core (you should really get the Now vs. Now album if you don't have it!) plus a vocalist, a string quartet, and a horn section. Here's their first "single" (man I feel like we're on MTV or something...) "Sparkle Wolf".

Breeding Ground is pianist/composer Jason Lindner ft. Panagiotis Andreou (bs), Mark Guiliana (dr), Jeff Taylor (vcl), Mazz Swift (vln), Curtis Stewart (vln), Carmel Raz (vla), Will Martina (clo), John Beaty (alt sx), Jorge Continentino (sx/fl), and Rafi Malkiel (tbn).