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Ben Williams

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As an energetic six year old, Ben Williams was as curious as a cat. Ben’s mother worked for Congressman John Conyers (an avid jazz lover) on Capitol Hill, so when she took the youngster into the office on his school break, a watchful eye was in order. One afternoon, while rambling around Conyers’ large, leather appointed office, Ben discovered a huge object that instantly captured his imagination. The shiny upright bass was like nothing the kid had ever seen. He tapped on it. He popped a string. He climbed up on it. “What is this thing?” he wondered.




State of Art

2011 Concord
  • Home
  • Moontrane
  • The Lee Morgan Story (feat. John Robinson & Christian Scott)
  • Dawn Of A New Day
  • Little Susie - Intro
  • Little Susie
  • November
  • Part-Time Lover
  • Things Don't Exist
  • Mr. Dynamite
  • Moonlight In Vermont