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Marcus Miller Live at Jazz in Marciac (Video)

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

We've spoken here before about how great Marcus Miller and his current Renaissance band is live. The group of Miller on bass, Sean Jones on trumpet, Alex Han on saxophone, Adam Agati on guitar, Louis Cato on drums, and Kris Bowers on keys (who wasn't at the Austin gig I attended but was fantastic on Miller's latest album) are certainly talents to behold and exemplify a great combination of the old(-ish, but certainly not too old) pro and young bucks that has run through jazz for time immemorial. If you haven't had the chance to hear Renaissance, you should, but in the meantime, you should watch this two hour performance of the group performing in Marciac back in August after the jump.

Marcus Miller Live @ Jazz in Marciac from Rapha.El on Vimeo.

h/t FunkIt