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MJF 2010: Lorraine Desmarais


Lorraine Desmarais is a real pillar of Montreal jazz. An institution. She's been playing for over 20 years at the Montreal Jazz Festival and around the country. But more importantly she teaches (full-time I believe) at a jazz school in town and has probably influenced thousands of young musicians from here. It's honor to present 2 solo pieces by Lorraine, filmed on June 25th, 2010, at the Planete Jazz Lounge live from the Montreal Jazz Festival, followed by an interview in French.

NB: Lorraine will be performing 2 solos concerts at this year's festival on June 26th and 27th!!! DO NOT MISS!!! AMAZING VENUE!!!!! AND she's also be performing in duo with [Jacky Terrsasson] at this year's Rismouski Jazz festival.