Stream ‘Lifelines’, the Debut Album by Vocalist Lizzi Trumbore

Vocalist Lizzi Trumbore started performing on the San Diego jazz scene at an early age. She made the move to Texas five years ago to attend the University of North Texas’ jazz program. Today, the young vocalist releases her debut album, Lifelines, a stunning and deeply refined overture to what we can only assume will be a long and fruitful career.

Lifelines features eleven original compositions penned over the last five years since Trumbore left her native California. “Looking back on it, this album feels like a diary to me. These songs really encompass the ways that I have personally and musically grown into my own skin,” recalls the singer.

Joining Trumbore on the record is her Denton-based band of Alex Kishiyama on Rhodes and piano, Skyler Hill on guitar, Mike Luzecky on bass, and Chris Petro on drums, as well as a small horn section on two of the tracks made up of Chris Van Leeuwen on flugelhorn, Jess Goodrich on alto saxophone, Will Nathman on tenor saxophone, and Nathan Davis on trombone.

Lifelines strikes all the right chords and amounts to a remarkable and deeply satisfying debut which straddles the line between ethereal and progressive. The orchestration draws just the right amount of inspiration from the rock genre while always remaining undeniably rooted in modern jazz. But, most importantly, Trumbore’s majestic vocals shine brightly, illuminating the way for the rest of the band, in what amounts to a bold, exciting, and inspiring statement by a young and promising vocalist.

Stream Lifelines in its entirety below.

Lifelines, the debut album by vocalist Lizzi Trumbore is out today.

Photo by Emilio Mesa.