Nomade Orquestra – self-titled

Nomade Orquestra is a Sao Paolo-based collective making music that pulls from jazz, funk, and hip-hop to build a cinematic feel. The term ‘cinematic’ is tossed around for a lot of music, but just go ahead and listen to “Bedum” and don’t picture a chase scene in a spy movie. The musician credits aren’t listed on the band’s bandcamp page, but expect to hear groove-heavy drums and basslines coupled with a solid horn frontline, Wurlitzers, Rhodes pianos, and organs, guitar, and the odd sample or scratching from a DJ. Judging from the photo on the band’s website, there seem to be ten people involved here.

The whole album is a solid listen from top to bottom, with “Bedum” standing out as a real feat towards the beginning of the album, with its cinematic feel and Bobby McFerrin-channeling vocals leading to a solid breakdown about midway through the song, coming back with a couple of bars of open drumbreak. The band really doesn’t let up, though, leading directly into “Humaita” with its wah-wah guitar and funk groove. Very much recommended.