My Favorite Standards: “All the Things You Are”

Sometimes, life’s beauty lies in a memory encapsulated in a song. I have fallen in love with more songs than women, yet my favorite of them all remains “All the Things You Are”.

For years, my go to version of the song remained Brad Mehldau’s rendition off Art of the Trio 4: Back at the Vanguard featuring Larry Grenadier on bass and Jorge Rossy on drums. It brings back fond memories of my teens, a simpler less complicated time of life where we were freer to explore life’s pleasures which included the music of the esteemed Brad Mehldau.

Although I must admit, Mehldau was eventually dethroned by Michel and Tony Petrucciani’s version. Michel Petrucciani was introduced to me by Justin, who co-founded this website with me. I found him revolutionary at the time and coupled with his life story, I could not help but to admire the man.

When it comes to traditional renditions, I lean towards Ella’s silky smooth take on the standard. Her voice if just so pure. Melts my heart every time.

And finally, who can forget Bird’s very own version of the Jerome Kern classic!