MAST feat. Fresh Cut Orchestra – “She’s Chasing The Dragon” (Stream)

MAST is the moniker adorned by Tim Conley, a LA based jazz multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, set to release his second full-fledged album Love and War_ on Alpha Pup Records October 7th. Love and War_ can only be described as a grandiose project comprised of 17 tracks divided into a three Act Play structure (traditionally the Setup, the Confrontation and the Resolution).

In Act 1, Conley tells the story of finding love and all the beauty and naivety that comes with exploring something new only to lose that love to substance abuse and deception in Act 2. Act 3 sees Conley learning to let go, heal and ultimately find a much deeper lasting love.

To accompany him on this journey, Conley has assembled what can only be described as a stellar cast akin to The Expendables making an electronic jazz record. Daddy Kev, who was recently nominated for a Grammy for his production work with Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus was responsible for mixing and mastering the album while a slew of the finest and brightest jazz musicians around got to make cameos. Taylor McFerrin makes an appearance. Makaya McCraven makes an appearance. Tim Lefebvre makes an appearance. The Fresh Cut Orchestra make an appearance. RYAT makes an appearance.

Love and War_ never ceases to amaze from beginning to end. Crafted elegantly and brought to life masterfully, this album is a must for fans of Flying Lotus, Thundercat and the LA Beat scene in general. Check out the first single from Love and War_, “She’s Chasing the Dragon” featuring the Fresh Cut Orchestra, where Conley’s love falls into what is the rabbit hole of heroin addiction.