JOBS’ ‘killer BOB sings’ Out June 30

We’ve had run-ins with killer BOB before, at least that’s what they used to be. In one of the more epic moments of Nextbop’s history, percussionist Max Jaffe joined multi-instrumentalist Adam Schatz in an 10-piece group playing all improvised music to start off one of our SXSW day parties. In essence, we trust Max Jaffe around these parts to make always interesting music, so we’re excited to see what the next phase of killer BOB will be. Set to drop June 30– the new configuration, JOBS, is set to release killer BOB sings, and we’ll know where this is all going.

This is music that ventures from the jazz realm, well into the experimental realm. This may have been coming all along, which is why music so out there can still make sense. There’s an adventure under way, and Jaffe, bassist Rob Lundberg, guitarist Dave Scanlon, keyboardist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Shannon Fields, and vocalist Daniel Ellis-Ferris have been on it for a while. The rest of us will just be joining them sonically. Check out the first song from the upcoming album, “Patient Angel”, and keep looking forward to late June for killer BOB sings to drop on New Amsterdam Records.