Fresh Cut Orchestra – “The Mothers’ Suite – II: Mother’s Love” (Video)

Fresh Cut Orchestra led by trumpeter Josh Lawrence, bassist Jason Fraticelli, and drummer Anwar Marshall are a group whose music is as rife with love and affection as it is with vibrant creative ideas. Their new album, From the Vine, comprised mostly of Jason Fraticelli’s “Mothers’ Suite” gathers together so many elements of the jazz genre to make an album that’s pulls everything together for an altogether pleasant listen. The album drops next month on Ropeadope Records but you can start to hear drips and drabs of it across the internet. Our friends at Revive Music recently premiered the video for the first part of the “Mothers’ Suite”, “Birth of a Child, Birth of Mom”. Today, we’re premiering the video for part 2, “Mother’s Love”. Check out the video for this Latin-tinged song (it’s got some spice to it) after the jump.

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Fresh Cut Orchestra’s debut album, From the Vine, is out February 17th on Ropeadope Records. You can pre-order it on iTunes and their Bandcamp.